Non financial Support NGOs

Dear Members

Common purpose is group of leaders from industry, academics and NGOs.
Group meets regularly and helps NGOs, small entrepreneurs in their
development. It provides consultation in marketing, organization
development, financial consultation, enterprise development (arranging
loans, helping preparing proposals, balance sheets). During the last meet
they met around 7 organisations and self help group women. Of that they are
currently working with one of our members Jeeva jyothi to improve their
paper making unit, provided marketing linkage for one self help group, and
arranged loan one lakh for an shg.

They are looking to non-donation support to NGOs and self-help groups.
Interested members can contact CIOSA with their request and we will arrange
meeting with them on third week of july.

The request should reach us before 10th of july.

Project Manager CIOSA

CIOSA is a network of NGOs, companies and individuals for collective
espousal of social causes. The network has more than 500 members.