Microinsurance Innovation Facility - Fellowship

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The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Microinsurance Innovation
Facility (MIF) in partnership with the European Development Research Network
(EUDN) is inviting academics and researchers to submit proposals for
research that will contribute to new knowledge and support microinsurance
development in developing countries.
The research fellows will be placed with Facility innovation partners for a
period of 6-12 months. The main rationale behind the fellowships is to
generate more knowledge to support microinsurance development and to create
a cadre of researchers who better understand microinsurance practice. The
fellows will help to evaluate specific projects, will pursue their own
research projects and will gain an invaluable field experience.
Proposals should be submitted by 13 August 2010 to
microinsuranceresearch@ilo.org <microinsuranceresearch%40ilo.org>*. For more
information, visit
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Mobile: +91 - 98653 54221