ILO Decent Work Research Prize, 2010

The ILO’s International Institute for Labour Studies (IILS) has created a research prize to annually reward outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge on the ILO’s central goal of decent work for all.

The prize will be awarded during the next ILO Governing Body (to be held in November 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland) before a global audience. There will be a financial award of USD 10,000, and the winner will be made Honorary Fellow of the International Institute for Labour Studies ( for 2010-11.

Criteria for award

The prize can be awarded for:

  • Major specific contributions to the understanding of socio-economic relationships and policy instruments for the advancement of decent work as defined by the ILO. The jury will look for new and original ideas.
  • A lifetime contribution to knowledge on the central concerns of the ILO and its constituents (i.e. Governments, Workers and Employers) which reflects and advances understanding of the different dimensions of decent work (creating jobs; guaranteeing rights at work; extending social protection; promoting dialogue and conflict resolution; with gender equality as a cross-cutting objective).

Both the excellence of the work and its practical relevance for policy purposes will be taken into account. This being a research prize, the jury will examine scholarly publications of the candidates. Unpublished or forthcoming works will not be considered

Who can nominate?

Individuals and institutions (e.g. members of the ILO’s tripartite constituency) can nominate candidates. Neither the International Labour Office nor current ILO staff members can naominate candidates.

Who qualifies as candidate?

Only individuals qualify as candidates; the prize cannot go to an institution. ILO staff members and former ILO staff members are not eligible.

Required support

Each nominee must have the support of at least one organization from the ILO’s tripartite constituency (i.e. a government, a workers’ or an employers’ organization) and one leading academic (in the area of labour and social policy), coming from different regions of the world. Where all support comes from the same country or region, the candidature will not be retained.

The dossier to be submitted

  •  The candidate’s full contact details.
  •   The candidate’s CV (in full and a brief summary).
  •   A statement by the candidate that s/he agrees to be nominated.
  •   The publication(s) to be screened by the jury, along with an executive summary or abstract of the publication(s). Where these publications are in languages other than English, French or Spanish (the ILO’s working languages), a translation into one of these languages will be required. Up to five published works may be submitted per candidate (i.e. those considered most relevant). A list of other publications can be added as supporting material.
  •  A minimum of two letters of support from different regions of the world, (one from a member of the ILO’s tripartite constituency and the other from a leading academic in the area of labour and social policy) setting out the reasons why this candidature should be retained. The nomination may include one of these letters.


  • Deadline for candidatures: A complete file has to arrive at the ILO’s International Institute for Labour Studies (IILS) by 31 July 2010.
  • Decision: The jury will take its decision in September 2010, and the IILS will immediately notify the winner in writing.
  • Award of the prize: At the 2010 November Governing Body meeting.

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