IHEU-HIVOS 2010 Grants

IHEU invites applications for funding in the IHEU-HIVOS Humanist Network and
Development programme for 2010. *The deadline for applications is 1
September 2010.* IHEU and HIVOS have been collaborating since 1988 to
promote a Humanist oriented development, through human rights and Humanist
networking oriented projects.
*Who can apply for funding?*
This grants programme is for Humanist organizations *only*. The following
organizations can apply:
1. IHEU Member Organizations in developing countries (according to the
DAC list <http://www.iheu.org/node/2633>),
2. organizations that have received grants under the IHEU/HIVOS program
in one of the last 10 years, and
3. organizations pre-qualified by application (by *1 August 2010*).
Organizations that are *not *members of IHEU can apply for *
pre-qualification* by sending in the pre-qualification application form. See
more information on the criteria in the form. For grant criteria,
application form and other information, log on to
With warm regards,
M: 98653 54221