Fundraising opportunity - Battle of the Buffet

GiveIndia and Oriental Cuisines invite you to a planning meeting for a
unique fundraising opportunity- The Battle of the Buffet. The meeting is to
be held between 10 AM and 12 Noon on 19th July, Monday at ICSA Post box 771,
107, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600 040.
*Phone:*91-044-42145727, 24193143, 42145726 (ICSA House)

*About The Battle of the Buffet Event - Sept 30th 2010 at Chennai trade
*Initiated last year the Battle of the Buffet event raised Rs 85 Lakh for
about 63 NGOs all over Chennai.*

This event conceptualized by GiveIndia and Oriental Cuisines,
Chennai, brings together the top 5 star hotels in the city to showcase their
culinary talent and skills on *September 30th.* Its intended to raise funds
for at least 80 -100 NGOs in Chennai. Funds raised could help educate a
child, provide shelter to the elderly, subsidise medical costs for a poor
patient, rehabilitate a mentally ill homeless woman…and reach out to several
more such underprivileged people.

This event is an opportunity for you to reach out to the larger public and
tell them about your work. Its for you to garner greater support for your

It will do this by encouraging Chefs of these hotels and their teams will
put together their best buffet and throw it open to the city. Close to 4000
Chennaities are expected to attend the event by donating Rs5,000 each for
the causes they care about.

* **How will the event work?*
- At least 80-100 NGOs and their supporters will need to come together on
the same day, under the same roof in Chennai.
- Each NGO must have the ability to bring in a minimum of 20
supporters/donors who will be able to pay a minimum of Rs5,000 to
participate in the event or may offer an entire table to its supporters (no
discounting allowed, though). Whatever you raise goes to your organisation.
- The person who pays is the person who will be entitled to attend the
buffet. Passes are not transferable, except with the prior written consent
of GiveIndia.
- Some of the participating NGO may be able to offer as part of the
event, access to celebrities who support them, to add to the draw for the
- Those NGOs that bring in the celebrity to step up the overall draw of
the event will also have access to the undesignated funds raised from the
- NGOs will have to encourage the celebrities supporting them to offer
some form of entertainment-they may use this as a fundraising opportunity -
for e.g a celebrity that you bring in may auction a dish to raise funds for
your organisation
*How will an NGO benefit?*
- Its an opportunity to be part of a large national movement.
- An individual NGO will find it extremely difficult and expensive to do
a stand alone event of this type. In this event, all event related costs
are being sponsored and 100% of the proceeds go to the NGO.
- The event provides the NGO a platform that can be leveraged to seek
donations both from its own donors as well as other interested individuals.
- Its an opportunity for the NGO to bring all its donors together and
create a sense of a ‘community of supporters’.

The Battle of the Buffet is being organised by GiveIndia as part of the Joy
of Giving Week (September 26th to Oct 2nd) celebrations in Chennai. The Joy
of Giving Week is a platform for all Indians to give back to someone less
privileged than they are. Like GiveIndia, several other NGOs have planned
events during the Week, such as a Seva Mela by CIOSA on Sept 26th, a fun
fair for intellectually challenged children by the Downs Syndrome
Association, a clothes donation campaign by Goonj, a fundraising event by
The Banyan and many more such events.
Please confirm your participation in this meeting by Friday 6 PM by email to .
Pooja Srinivasan