2011 Faiths Act Fellowship

'Inspiring', 'Challenging', 'Life-changing' - these are just a few of the ways the Faiths Act Fellows have described their year in the programme. And if you are motivated by your faith to make a difference in the world, you can join next year's Fellowship. Apply now to join the 2011 Faiths Act Fellowship:


The Faiths Act Fellowship is a year long paid opportunity for young leaders to work towards the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to end the scandal of extreme poverty.

After one month of training in London, Faiths Act Fellows are placed into pairs and matched with development organizations and NGOs in local communities. There, they work for the rest of their Fellowship year to build partnerships across faiths and mobilize communities in support of the MDGs, whilst developing their own interfaith leadership skills.

Faiths Act Fellows can demonstrate how faith can play a hugely positive force in the world through an exciting, motivating, demanding and moving experience.

Join this global movement by applying to be a Fellow or by recommending someone to join the programme.