Tamil Nadu Handicapped Federation Calls for inclusion in census

Calling for the inclusion of disability as a parameter in the census enumeration process in order to build a case for adequate political representation of persons with disability, various disability rights groups undertook a rally here on Sunday to mark World Disability Day. The rally was followed by a one-day seminar on ‘Livelihood rights, equal opportunities and political participation for disabled people'.

Speaking at the event, Federation of Tamilnadu Physically Handicapped Associations president G. Chidambaranathan, said “While other marginalised communities such as fishermen and dalits have attained political rights, the disabled have been left behind. An expert committee must be constituted to look into the possibility of a three per cent reservation for the disabled in local bodies. Since the community is not politically represented, most welfare schemes meant to uplift the lives of disabled people stays on paper.”

According to him, since the State government has claimed to have created 4.8 lakh jobs, the three per cent job reservation for the disabled should have translated into 14,400 jobs. “All employees with disability who are already in government service under temporary contracts must also be regularised,” he said. Bryan Dalton, Chief of Consular Services, US Consulate General, said that the United States was grappling with similar questions of equal rights to differently-abled people. “In fact, President Obama appointed the first ever special assistant for disability rights in February 2009. I am aware that for many of you, even the act of getting to this meeting was difficult, and in some cases, undignified. Keep lobbying to make changes, remove barriers, and participate as equal citizens,” he added.


courtesy The Hindu