Income Tax Notices to Charitable Organisations

Dear All,


Recently, a large number of NGOs have got notices from the Income Tax department, questioning their charitable status u/s 2(15). Organisations having any substantial non-donation income seem to have been treated as 'commercial' and many genuine organisations have been affected by the notice. VANI estimates that several thousands of NGOs across the country have been served such notices.


A group of NGO sector representatives, including Rajesh Tandon of PRIA, Mathew Cherian of Helpage, Ajay Mehta, Rohini Nilekani of Arghyam and myself are interacting with officials in the finance ministry to show them how this has affected genuine organisations. To help present the case better, we would like to compile a list of genuine organisations that have received such notices, and the bonafide work of theirs that has been classified or called 'commercial'.