Free and Fair elections: Role of NGOs

CIOSA and like minded NGOs met on 19th Feb 2011 to discuss strategy on roles of CSO in the coming elections. The objective was to make sure free and fair elections and money power doesnt subvert the process. NGOs roles would be in increasing the voters percentage, voting with conscience and being an election observer in each consistency and monitor whether the candidates follow norms.


Main points discussed

19th Feb, 2011 @ Ma Foi Randstad Office, Chennai


Kris and Prasanna briefed the group about the ADR conference and the purpose of the meeting.

Following are the discussion points

  1. Collective authenticity:  The group needs certification/identity to work in the grass root. Krish has taken responsibility to get authenticity for the group by connecting with CEC
  2. Identify Lead NGOs in District / Constituency  - NGO 1, NGO 2, NGO 3
  3. Action plan – Training & IEC
  4. Back office integration: Centralised documentation and information centre to feed the grass root NGOs and CEC.
  5. Sensitive constituency

Training to cover (training on 6th March by 5th Pillar). NGOs/volunteer to identify skills sets required .

  1. Voter verification
  2. Voter motivation
  3. Voter responsibility
  4. Electoral/Candidate process observers. We may need it at constituency level and if possible at the booth level.

Action Plan



Identify District wise active NGOs



-          Strength of NGOs

-          How many constituencies?

-          Volunteers for field work and back office


Responsible persons:

-          Mr. Prasanna – Chief Coordinator

-          Mr. Subramaniam

-          Mr. Kris Dev

-          Raj Varadharajan


26th Feb, 2011


Press release calling for NGO partners/volunteer

21st Feb, 2011





-          District wise coordination & team

5th March, 2011


-          Constituency wise coordinator



Training material in Tamil



-          Booklet / pamphlet:  fifth pillar has some docs in this. We need to create docs and manual for the observers to monitor the election norms followed by the candidates.

-          Voice material – CD. The training programme can be recorded and given to the participants

-          Video – Youtube

-          Power point presentation

-          Street theatre - Kattu Kottai Sangham. This is a very good medium.  Kris to lead it

-          Documentary Celebrity endorsement. Documentary  urging we can request Thomas Abraham to lead it.



5th March, 2011



Feedback channel:

                Chief Election Commissioner, New Delhi

                State Election Commissioner (Tamil Nadu)

                District Election Officer (32 districts)

                Constituency level (243 constituencies)

                Booth level (54,000 booths in TN)



Network with like minded organizations:

-          CIOSA.

-          Tamilnadu Voluntary Health Association (TNVHA)

-          Tamilnadu Federation of Voluntary Agencies (TAFVA)

-          MGD

-          Rotary / Lions / Y’s men’s club

-          Nandhini Voice for the Deprived

-          Exnora International


Members Present:

  1. Mr. Varadarajan – Karmayog | | 9600081380
  2. Mr. Venkatanarayanan | | 9940066327
  3. Mr. Subramani | | 8754446662
  4. Mr. Vijayakumar | | 9500005541
  5. Mr. Anand | 9994879484
  6. Mr. Muralidharan – Sevalaya | | 9444167625
  7. Mr. Kris Dev | | 9840852132
  8. Mr. Prasanna – CIOSA | | 9282339070 
  9. Mr. Karthikeyan – CIOSA | | 9865354221