CIOSA coordinated 'Donate a Book' initiative in Chennai

Increasing the number of books in school libraries

UNESCO and Times Foundation have jointly launched the “Donate a Book” Initiative. This initiative aims to increase the strength of books in the school libraries by receiving voluntary donations from children, parents and teachers to their own schools and from the general public at designated collection points.

To give poor children the gift of books

The Initiative was started in the wake of the Right to Education Act which emphasizes existence of libraries in each school providing newspapers, magazines and books on all subjects, including story-books. The Initiative, therefore, aims to increase the strength of books and provide an opportunity to children who may not have the privilege of books and reading materials. The supplementary collection of books would be donated to schools and NGOs to increase their reading material.

Encouraging reading sessions and interactions; promoting reading and literature

A series of initiatives are being taken to encourage reading habits and literature appreciation in children to promote the increased use of books and reading materials. As part of this, the initiative will also encourage volunteers to read books and interact with children in the NGOs. The pilot study was initiated in Delhi/ NCR and the initiative will be extended to all the metros and Bangalore between 10th and 14th November 2010, which will be the culmination of the first phase of the campaign.

Further we have in our panel authors who would be reading out books to children in the schools, in the NGOs or in the malls.

CIOSA’s role as partner 

CIOSA organised reading sessions in Oxford University Book store and in Saivaite school in north chennai. After a week long collection drive by Times CIOSA collected 100 books and distributed to schools