Interview With Ms. Akhila Srinivasan,Trustee, Give Life

Give us the background about ‘Give Life’.

In India, education is the key differentiator between the have and have not. It is important that children from the all walks of life are educated to better tomorrow. In our country children are deprived from schooling because of lack of funds and motivation. At Give life we try to address this issue by providing ‘Give Life Educational Scholarship’ to deserving kid, there by presenting the kid an equal opportunity to study and live.

What are the objectives of ‘Give Life'?

Give Life strives to arrest Child Labour, Trafficking by providing holistic education support. The project implementation is in the true spirit of partnership between the children, families, local school, community and like minded public.

Share with Chennai Online readers some figures on beneficiaries.

Give life  so far has reached out to more than 14000 children in Thiruvallur, Nagercoil and districts of Tamil Nadu. We plan to extend our support to close to 25000 children by the 2010 so as to save them from conditions of lack of quality education and poverty.

What does ‘Give Life Educational Scholarship’ comprise of?

Every individual scholarship cost us Rs.  2500 /- and the package comprise of 2 set of uniforms, note books, bag, tuition fee, stationeries and nutritional drink. In addition we also  conduct evening tuition classes where our teachers take motivational classes, career guidance, soft skill training, personality development, health and hygiene, yoga, practical English, basic computer skills and art classes. Regular counseling and interaction with children, entrepreneurial assistance and job seeking assistance are other USPs of the program.

Who are your donors?

In addition to individual donors, we are supported by corporate like TVH, CavinKare, ChrysCapital, Shriram Group, Smile Foundation, Hot Breads etc. They extend their support by sponsoring GiveLife Scholarship to defined number of children. A team of professional social workers and field workers ensure our donors’ money is effectively utilized. Stringent process is followed in identifying right beneficiaries, providing scholarships and documentation. Frequent field visits are done to make certain Children needs are directly addressed.      

On Give Life Chennai Marathon

Give Life Chennai Marathon has helped us in creating awareness about importance of educating a child. Through Give Life Chennai Marathon we promote the cause of child education and healthy lifestyle. And I am very happy to say we were successful in that. It proved as successful platform to showcase our case and increase our brand visibility.

Tell us something about ‘Shriram Groups’ Social


As everyone is aware, Shriram Groups is the pioneer in financial services in India. But what one does not know is that we have also pioneered CSR initiatives. At present, our CSR projects works in two major domains: Education and  Microfinance. We run ‘Shriram Schools’ in Pallikaranai, Thiruneermalai and Moovarasanpet in Tamil Nadu and in Nulakapet, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. We also run a community college in Thiruneermalai school.

Through our micro finance we have aided more than 1,00,000 lakh women through 3300 self help groups set up microenterprises. At Shriram we believe, the door to well developed society is through women in a family.

Shriram Foundation for the work we are doing in Micro Finance and Education has won two prestigious awards Business World Compaq Social Response Award and Mother Theresa Corporate Citizen Award by LIBA. It adds great credibility and reorganization to our office.   

You think there is enough awareness among Corporate and Individuals about giving.

Thanks to our donors, whose continuous patronage has helped us grow. In country like us, the demand for giving enormous. Act of giving is an act of self realization. People and Corporates have to realize that it is their responsibility to give back to the community. A study sites that the more one is charitable, the more he is humane.


Akhila Srinivasan is the MD of Shriram Investments. Ms Srinivasan is an Honorary Consul of the government of the Netherlands, has been running the Shriram Social Welfare Trust since 1993, and has been solely responsible for the group’s CSR activities. She also believes in daily yoga and meditation to beat stress

Programmes of Give Life

a.    Scholarship from school to college

b.    Non formal education centres

c.    Mother and child care

d.    Job melas

Give Life provides to a deserving poor child the following:

•    Tuition Fee, Note Books, Nutrition Support.     

•    Motivational Training, Self Esteem, Personality Development, Health and Hygiene, Practical English, Basic computer skills, Art, Regular counselling and interaction with children.     

•    Career Guidance, Entrepreneurial Assistance, Job Seeking Assistance.  

How can you help:

Give Life-CSR Portfolio Management:

"Give Life" –CSR Portfolio Management is mainly for those Corporates who look for a delivery vehicle to execute their CSR mission in response to the contemporary national discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility. Our Team will provide the competencies, strategies, reviews and file keeping of CSR Mandate given to us by individual corporates. ‘GIVE LIFE’ as a CSR Portfolio Manager is open to design projects and gather competencies depending on the priorities of the individual Corporate entities.

What does Give Life Achieve?

The Sustained effort from Give Life project will help arrest child labour, trafficking in children, institutionalization of poverty and disintegration of families. It would help the beneficiary children attain the basic standards of physical, intellectual, socio-economic and moral well being. The project will be implemented in the true sprit of partnership between the children’s families, local schools, community and the donors.

The Other priority involvements of Give Life

•  Ongoing training for Teachers / Training the trainers.

•  Skill training to the dalit youth.

•  Regular health camps to students and vulnerable groups.

•  Rehabilitation of the differently abled.

•  Orphan care.

•  Child addicts.

•  HIV/AIDS affected children;

•  Vocational training;

•  Women self-help groups;

•  Health care;

•  Protect destitute children, destitute homes;

•  Protect girl child;

•  Child health, end child prostitution, child labour.