Get Involved

When concerned sections work together, all of us can make more change than we could individually. This is what CIOSA members do everyday. We also understand that there are many concerned individuals, groups and companies who may not be CIOSA members but have the concern and interest to be involved with CIOSA and its members to help make a difference.

CIOSA offers you many options to get involved. You can:

  • Contribute money to a cause where CIOSA manages the work
  • Contribute to a member NGO's appeals for funds
  • Give materials (food, clothes, furniture etc.) that help a member NGO
  • Volunteer your time and skills for a range of meaningful and fulfilling activities where member NGOs need additional hands
  • Participate in a CIOSA campaign and add your voice

In the Spotlight

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CIOSA members serve a wide range of education causes - putting children at work or home back in schools, supporting the cost of education, organising...