Cause Events: Fundraising dinner and entertainment

Time and Date: 
Sat, 2013-09-07 19:30
Hotel Aloft, OMR

CIOSA in partnership with a hotel Aloft premiere hotel in OMR and Anantara, an event management company is organising CAUSE EVENT a fund raising events for NGOs.

CAuse Event is a fundraising event organised by CIOSA and Anatara for ciosa members. We are planning to conduct such fundraising dinner & entertainment every month for selected members of ours. This time we since there are 

limited seats we are planning to accommodate 3 partners so that they can raise money as well brand them in the hotel.

About the Event: Dinner and Musical Entertainment.

It will be an exclusive event for selected audience:

The capacity for this is 60.

Cost per ticket: Each coupon is Rs 650 (600 for the event 50 for CIOSA).

NGOs can sell the tickets for any amount. Maximum tickets for an NGO is 15.

b. We shall assist in designing the coupon, promo material and print them

for you to sell.

c. We shall assist in making as much publicity as possible through online

and our contacts too.

d. You may present to the public an av or talk about an NGO if you prefer.

The objective is to get the audience to continue to donate.

For this event we are inviting only 3 NGOs to participate.

Members interested in partnership can connect with us.