Support 30 Children in Jeeva Jyothi Ananda Illam

The Ananda Illam that fulfills the dreams of 30 children currently is served by a warden, a social worker, two security guards, two cooks, one gardener and a launderer.

The Children in Ananda Illam are

  • Parentless children

  • The children of destitute widows

  • The children of separated parents

  • Children who come out from their families due to immoral activities and behavior of their parents

  • The children of migrant bonded labourers who need support to further their studies without being disturbed by the migration of the parents

  • Runaway Children, in need of care and protection, sometimes referred by child welfare committee.

All children in Ananda Illam are enrolled in formal school

In Ananda Illam, Children have opportunities for

  • recreational activities,

  • extracurricular activities

  • Exposure visits

  • Cultural Celebrations

  • Learning arts, crafts and theatre,

  • Taking part in Competitions