Empowering the Children and Women - Join the Movement by supporting Jeeva Jyothi


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Support Jeeva Jyothi in bring smiles in hundreds of children with whom Jeeva Jyothi is working towards the restoration of their lost childhood


  • Ananda Illam Children Home
  •               30 orphan children are taken care by Jeeva Jyothi with Education, Food and Shelter  
  • Balwadis
  •               150 Children are taken care with nutritious noon meal and health care
  • Bridge Courses for Child Labourers
  •                90 Children of Bonded Labourers are being prepared to join the formal school in the following year
  • Supplementary Education Centres
  •                150 Children are being helped to continue the school without dropping out from the formal school
  • Children Development Khazana

  • Children Manimanram (Children's Collective

  • Child Line 1098


  • Self Help Groups

  • Women’s Cooperative Stores

  • Hand made Paper manufacturing unit   

 Unorganised Labour

  • Trade Union for Migrant Bonded Labourers

  • Registration with Unorganised Labour Welfare Board

 Community Health Intervention 

  • Community Action for Health – National Rural Health Mission

 Environment Friendly Recycled Paper Products

Coastal based Eco Tourism