Aram Seya Virumbu

Aram sieya virumbu is a seven day event promoting and celebrating giving among the people of Chennai by reviving the giving spirit in tamil traditions, during Joy of giving week from Oct 2 to 8th.  Each day  is dedicated to different kinds of giving and activities are centred around it. NGOs, schools, corporate are involved in planning and executing the activities.

With India’s largest giving festival a few weeks away, Chennaities have begun planning on how each of them can participate in the week, reaching out to the underprivileged in various ways – giving money, donating material, volunteering time…several interesting activities are coming together.

Started in the year 2009, this festival is always held in the week of Gandhi Jayanti. The dates for this year are Oct 2nd to Oct 8th.

 Snapshot of JGW 2010

•          1 million+ people participated,  40+cities,400+events registered (from small individual events to those involving >100,000 people), Rs20cr+generated in donations of cash and materials,  Millions of volunteer hours

Kicking off on Oct 2nd, Yaadum oore yavarum Kelir, meaning , Every place is mine, everyone is my family. We are reaching out to builders in the city to offer a nice meal to the construction labourers , mostly migrants from other parts of the country, during the Joy of Giving Week. You can participate through a gesture of giving to someone less privileged and who is new to Chennai and make them feel welcome in the city.

Oct 3rd, Arogya Vazhvu, or healthy living will see a massive campaign, Doctors with a heart where the much loved Hamam brand will invite doctors across the state to volunteer one day towards conducting a medical camp, aiming to get atleast 1200 volunteers. The campaign hopes to conduct medical camps across the state during the Joy of Giving week, partnering with TNVHA and other NGOs.  Doctor wanting to give back during the Joy of Giving Week, look out for this campaign soon and sign up on

Oct 4th–   Sandror PothrudalRecognising unsung heros – On this day, reach out to those in your life who engage beyond the call of duty- and appreciate their contributions through a gesture of giving. It could be the building watchman, the maid who works in your home, a teacher who has taught you…As part of this, the Rotary club of Temple city has instituted an award for grassroot workers of NGOs and other ground level workers such as from security services, carpenters, plumbers etc. 20 of them will be given an award and felicitated with a nice dinner with their families.

Oct 5thAiyam ittu un – Share a meal - enhancing the auspiciousness of Ayudha pooja,  mass annadanams are scheduled across the city. What is unique though is that this year, autorickshaw drivers and children from orphanages will come forward and feed hundreds of people. Selvaraj, head of the Senkottai autorickshaw stand, in Thiruvanmiyur said, that about 20 auto drivers will come together, cook and serve a meal to people in the locality- we will specially invite the road sweepers and cleaners who tire through the day to keep our area clean. Vivekanandan, a child from Surabi trust said, we are used to people coming in and giving us food, clothes and toys- we want to show the world that we can give too. We have decided to cook ourselves at our homes and invite people from the community around for a nice meal.

Oct 6th  Kalvi daanam, Gift of education. On this day, initiate the education of someone less privileged. Shanmugam, founder of Brother Siga Animation centre said that they have identified 30 centres across Chennai, where writers, journalists and educationists are invited to initiate education for children from the local community. It is our appeal to all those who can read and write to, on this day, reach out and educate someone who may not have otherwise had the facility to do so.

Oct 7th  Shrama danaam , through a  Cleanliness Drive-  Ekam, an NGO working in the area of health in partnership with Domex  will campaign to solicit volunteers for a massive cleaning drive of govt hospitals across 21 district hospitals of Tamilnadu. Domex has been specially chosen to clean hospitals because it has sodium hypochlorite. WHO recommends using sodium hypochlorite as the best disinfectant to curtail the outbreak of any epidemic. Dr Sai, founder of Ekam said, this will be the first time that govt hospitals will be cleaned up with such a high level of public participation. In keeping of creating a clean and healthy environment, Disha Sports academy will plant over 1500 saplings with the help of volunteers in 4 locations in Chennai

Oct 8thKadamai Unaridul, Take responsibility, Children from a village Ondikuppam, in Thiruvallur district decided to reach out to one of the poorest families in their village. They have raised Rs 2500 and  will be giving a goat to the family in the village. They will also be helping an, orphan Prabhakaran from Arunvoyel by giving him a uniform, school bag and notebooks. In Puduchatiram village – for the first time ever, children will facilitate the gram sabha on the 2nd, focusing on the rights and duties of children. In addition, children from the village will participate in a cleanliness campaign- garbage segregation in the village school and tree planting activities are being planned.

If you want to know how you can be part of the Joy of Giving week and participate in Aram Seiyu Virumbu, then write to or call 9282339070.