Free Services

We offer the following free services, among many others, to all our members:

  • The CIOSA Dgroup, a simple, email-based discussion platform that helps our members easily get in touch with one another, interact, discuss, make announcements, appeals and reqeusts.
  • Access to the CIOSA members directory
  • Automatic membership in our exclusive communities of practice
  • Networking, training and project opportunities
  • Ability to post events, requests, opportunities, alerts and reminders on this web site
  • Access to a variety of resources (audio, video, documents, reports etc.,) on this web site

Paid Services

Our paid, consulting services include:

  • Content development and designing (Tamil and English) of brochures, newsletters, websites, annual reports and proposals
  • Documentation services
  • Training services
  • Documentaries, short films, presentations and other multimedia content
  • Blog with images, audio and video content on this web site

We draw expertise from an extensive pool of experienced and credible institutions and individuals to offer the best consulting services at the lowest possible rates.